Hendry x Impact Theory | Type

we’ve been cooking some projects for a while, which involves a lot of sketching. What i included below are just a summary of what happened during the process.

and yes, i’m using a white background because for this one, i like it better in white. and ‘ice blue headings’ too.

ok, so Here’s one below.

Do More, Be More

this, as much as everything else in life, started out rough.

Then we further developed that one rough concept to something like these below.

and below is the final product.

I’m The Type of Person That....

and below is another phrase we worked on which started out like this...

....and then it turned into this.

These are a few projects that I had the time and opportunity to show and explain here. we’ve been working together for over 20 times and yes, that’s a lot. So i can’t put everything in here. for now, just these two. Some other projects will be added later when all the printing is done and goes in the store. - Also when I have time.

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