hilow | logo type

so there’s this awesome company / youtube channel called donut media, in case you didn’t know (click that blue donut media link !) , which would be a shame because they’re one of the coolest companies out there. and one that’s really fun to work with too. they have some of the most interesting, fun and challenging projects to work with and we’ve just finished making about four more logo types that are not out yet so i can’t show anything for now but i’ll update everything in here.

the first one i made is this HiLow logo type. this one is for their new show which just got released on the early december 2019 and now it’s on its 4th episode. and the type appears in the intro for the show. here, i embedded the 4th episode below, go on, you can watch it !

the process leading to that was pretty fun to do. the creative director that i worked with was pretty clear with what he wanted so the process from the very first step to the end were like 3 pointers one after the other.

well, below are some of the first sketches i did. also included are some of the other sub-logo companions to the hilow logo type.

all that which in the end lead to this one ↓

the other project i worked on will be presented in a separate page.

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