here stands the dark, cold and empty. behold, the light will come, when the night is bright and the day is dim.

Any of you folks who come across this message,
sorry it may not look as the way you want it to,
just like the grim reality of life i guess.

i bought myself a ranch up in the heathlands,
it’s small, but beautiful, calm and quiet.
and i’m gonna build myself a small hotel,
none too fancy, just.... fine.
somethin i always dream of.
but a man can dream, a man can wonder.
and.... reality can stick to a man,
keeping a dream.... a dream.

you folks can still click my name above,
and have a look at some of my works.
but something better is coming,
click these two icons below, if you want to.
it’ll be more than just typography,
illustration, or graphic design.
it’ll be.... fine....

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